Selecting the right tires for the winter season…

Article by John Yoder – November 5th, 2015

If you haven’t noticed already, it’s that time of the year when your tires are getting ready to head south for the winter. What’s that you say migratory tires…….. well, no not exactly. This is about the time when we all start to notice that maybe we aren’t as prepared as we think. Ice, snow and slush all great in the summer when they are in a cup flavored with your favorite summer time concoction, but not so much when its 10 below and you are pushing your car through an intersection in your favorite pair tennis shoes.

For most of us tires are the unsung heroes of our daily commute. We take for granted how necessary they are until we get a flat, then it’s the end of the world. And, just like in the spring time when it’s prudent to have a good set of tires for while it’s raining cats and dogs, the same kind of thoughtfulness needs to be given to having a proper set of snow tires.

Now you are going to say, “Well, I have the best all-season tires money can buy”. And, yes your thoughtful purchase of a good set of tires does makes sense for three out of the four seasons. Our good friends over at Tire Rack have run into this same argument so what better excuse to get the cars out and hit the skid pad to see just how great those all-season tires are. What Tire Rack found in a comparison of assorted Bridgestone tires from their summer only tires to the industry leading Blizzak winter tire was really good old common sense. Summer tires that are marketed as summer only should only be used in the summer months, not as your “go to” winter treads. The same really went for the all-season tires, great three months out of the year, but really not what you would like to have in the winter (TireRack Review). It like the saying goes, “If you try to be good at everything you are really great at nothing.”

So, what is it about winter tires that make them so great when the ice and snow start to fly? It’s a combination of technologies that goes into each and every treaded wonder, starting with the tread sipes. What are tread sipes, those are the little lines or grooves on the tire that help wick away water. The tread blocks, which are the different areas of tread on the tire, play a role in how the tire is able to contact the road surface. Even the composition of the tire’s rubber is a factor in what makes winter tires a must have for this time of year.

No more excuses, there is science behind having winter tires. Tell your Dad that is not a great conspiracy of “big tire” for you to have to buy tires year round, it’s about safety.

Don’t delay, give us a call or head on over and we can go over sizes and pricing to get you setup for whatever old man winter has in store. Winter is coming, head on over to Hoosier Performance your Tire Rack authorized installer before it’s too late!