Steve Mieritz, Fort Wayne SCCA Solo Racer Kills it in FSP at Wilmington Champ Tour!

The little CRX that can!  That is what we call it here at the shop. Steve is one of our sponsored racers and the week before this event we had it in here doing some work to get it prepared for the 2015 Solo Nationals coming up in September. He knew he had a couple good events ahead of him to score some tires off contingency and a test and tune to confirm our work would prove successful. Prove successful???  Yes, we put math to our work and engineer performance, but that is only part of the formula. Testing at test and tunes is a huge bonus to success and we are fortunate to have venues and local SCCA organizations that hold these types of events.


So what did you do to the car?

Steve has put larger tires on the Noble Roman’s Take or Bake CRX this year in the front and was experiencing issues with it over steering in corner entry due to the lack of grip and roll center in the back. We helped develop some components to fix that and give him the adjustment needed to pull the car back under him. He also realized that on the new setup that his previous toe setup on the car was too much and had to adjust that down after our new component was put on. The car was too twitchy on entry and would over steer inward when on the gas. After the toe adjustment on Saturday night, he entered the race Sunday with a ton of speed!

11892215_412456312288618_3908741712133184816_n 11898936_412444905623092_6162616341928819790_n

Sunday’s action resulted in the car giving more grip in mid corner allowing the car to keep all 4 wheels planted as much as possible. Steve felt the car had not felt this good in a long time and was very excited on the new modifications done. He had a few corner entry photos posted on the SCCA Solo FSP facebook page he shared, but planned to have some high quality ones on the way to show how planted it was. Until then… here are the low resolution ones from the their page.

steve on course (3)

steve on course (1)

steve on course (4)

steve on course (2)

The Road To Nationals…!

Now we are on the road to 2015 SCCA Solo Nationals and things seem to be all in check for Steve. He plans to do another test and tune before then to scrub in his newly won Hoosier Racing Tires from the past two wins at Wilmington and then off to the FSP challenge on Thursday and Friday. We are expecting big things to come his way and with his talent and attitude, sky is the limit!

Good luck Steve and see you at Nationals!!


Photos credit to the SCCA Solo FSP page on facebook and JPM Media, link was provided above.

Article by Jason Massey – General Manager of HoosierPE

August 19th, 2015