Risen from its ashes like the Phoenix…

Article by: John Yoder, June 18th, 2015

As with any good car story it starts when there is a decision to be made at a crossroads.  That crossroads for Company/team owner John Fehring was when he was behind the driver seat of his 2000 Trans Am about to take the autocross shootout win at the Midwest Muscle Car Challenge.  If you haven’t been following HoosierPE’s journey, let’s get you up to speed.  The Hoosier Performance Engineering team was charging up through the standings three weeks ago at the Muscle Car Challenge making it to the final 10 then to the top five.  There was a palpable charge of excitement not only from the HoosierPE pit area, but throughout the venue as what everyone considered an underdog in Johns mostly stock Trans Am with HoosierPE custom AFCO suspension was pushing everyone to the limit.  On John’s second to last run he thought he heard something, furiously waving his team over to the car they had a decision to make.

“ I heard a knock” John said, “but it wasn’t a bad knock.”

Do they run and risk the engine, or stop and limp back home to see if they can salvage the heart of the beast.  They chose glory and destruction, when John was almost 100 feet from the finish the LS1 gasped it last breath and with a mighty detonation and cloud of smoke the motor was dead.

bad-motor01-After removal of the windage tray

Photo of the engine after we got it pulled.

Even though they lost and engine the weekend was a great success.  The custom AFCO suspension that was developed in house performed above some of the best at the race, and proved that through smart engineering, even a stock pro touring car can keep up and out pace cars where budgets are not even a consideration.

A LS3 has now made a home in the Trans Am, giving credence to the heritage of the fire chicken as the HoosierPE shop car has risen from its ashes like the phoenix.  The team is readying themselves for their next challenge this weekend as they travel up to Michigan to Michigan International Speedway for the Optima Street Car Challenge USCA Event #4.

With an all new power plant under the hood and the race proven AFCO suspension, the Hoosier Performance Engineering Trans Am is ready to make its mark on the competition.  Wait for updates throughout the weekend as HoosierPE tries to come home with a win.


LS3-Swap-HoosierPE (30)

LS3 Swapped in – looks comfy!!



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