HoosierPE Shock Dyno Program:


We offer shock dyno and analysis for many brands of shocks in the industry. Hoosier Performance Engineering uses Pronello Shock Dynamometer to analyse your results. It is vital to the performance of your car to know what you have bolted on each corner. Through our dyno analysis we will assess the condition of the shock and if it is within tolerance. After testing, we will give you some recommendations based on our knowledge. Our program is affordable and no one should put a shock on their car that has not been on a dyno. Be the lead of your competition with our shock dyno program package.

  • Standard Shock Dyno Analysis $20.00 each shock
  • Adjustable Shock Dyno Analysis $25.00 – $30.00 each shock
    • This is giving less than 3 settings graphed
    • For more extensive graphing on your shocks or recommendations, please contact us for a quote.

Plus freight on orders shipped to HoosierPE.


To learn more about our Pronello Competition Research shock dynamometer, click here. Hoosier Performance Engineering the North American distributor for Pronello products, learn more about their products here.