Brian Ballinger of DW Rally Team talks with HoosierPE about Magnum Opus Stage Rally

Article by HoosierPE Team, July 13, 2015

We had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with DW Rally Team driver Brian Ballinger and crew about his experience at his first stage rally. With months\weeks\days\minutes to prepare – Hoosier Performance Engineering was along with the ride from the beginning to the day of. We sent Ryan “RP” Procise, our Engineering Design Technician, to help Brian’s crew at his Magnum Opus stage rally. Brian’s crew made of friends and family rallied together and “mission accomplished” the long journey of tearing up the roads and fields of Newberry Michigan.

dwrallyteam_hoosierpe_magnum_opus_article (2)Having Brian as one of our sponsored race drivers is amazing in many ways. One, his car’s mostly stock engine is a head turner. With its loud liveries installed and designed by 46 Graphics to the ear popping brapps of E85 tuned straight piped exhaust, this WRX is one screaming machine. Another is his passion for rally sport and racing in general. His humble attitude generates a great feeling to be around and explains a lot of how he has come a long way in just a short amount of time.


Having Magnum Opus fresh on the brain, we asked Brian if we could do a video interview of his time and journey getting his dreams of stage rally to come true. He was all for it! Below are three parts to our video interview with him covering everything from the car build, his passion for the sport, the people who helped make the dream come true, from friends and family to his sponsors, and the experience of the event. You can tell he was still in awe that he actually made his dream come true during the interview and we thank him for giving us the opportunity to capture these moments.

Part One of Three:

Part Two of Three:

Part Three of Three:

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