DW Rally Team Prepares for Magnum Opus NASA Rally

Article by: John Yoder, June 10th, 2015

Photos via DW Rally Team Facebook Page

mag·num o·pus ˌmaɡnəm ˈōpəs/
  • a large and important work of art, music, or literature, especially one regarded as the most important work of an artist or writer.

Only a couple weeks separate Hoosier Performance Engineering sponsored Brian Ballinger and the Dirty Wayners Rally Team in their debut NASA stage rally event in Michigan. The Magnum Opus is a 1.5 day stage rally that takes place in Newberry Michigan, and is in its 4th year of gracing the wooded wonderland of the Upper Peninsula.

Brian is no noob when it comes to putting down some serious times off the tarmac. He has competed successfully in numerous SCCA rally cross events and finished as high as 2nd in the SCCA National Championships. His transition to stage rally is a natural progression of someone with his driving talents and he is stoked to see what the Magnum Opus has in store.

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Don’t think that he is going into battle with just any old piece of 4 wheeled hulk of metal. Brian’s corn-banging Subaru has been outfitted to take just about anything stage rally can throw at it. Not only does he have a custom cage built by the talented folks over at Thompson Racing Fabrication, but since he is one of our sponsored drivers we hooked him up with some very orange 3” 5-point SFI Hoosier Performance Engineering racing harnesses.

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The DW WRX’s theme is LOUD….and not just because of the anti-lag. The freshly painted cage is bright yellow, matched with the orange harnesses; if you can’t hear him coming you will at least seem him!

Good luck to Brian and the rest of the DW Rally Team as they make their way up to the Yooper to take home a win! To follow Brian and the team’s progress click here.

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